Delivery and returns

Payment terms:

The order has to be pre-paid and can be settled by credit card, Paypal or, if you wish by bank transfer.

All prices include the spanish sales tax.


The delivery will be dispatched one day after the order has been made, only if you placed your order before 3 pm (Central european time). 
As a delivery courier we use the postal service. All packages are being sent as a ceritfied mail with prove of delivery.

Delivery times:

Delivery times depend on where the goods are being shipped, and can vary depending on the destination. Please refer to the table below. For the European Union members, the delivery time will be 5 to 14 days workdays. For countries located outside the European Union, the delivery time will be from 10 to 30 days workdays. It could be even longer if the goods are being held up at Customs. It is in our interest that you receive the package as quick as possible. Livit Trading S.L. cannot be held responsible for any delays.

Please be aware that delivery times may be impacted by COVID-19. Our shipment times take not into account country specific measures.

Shipping cost:

Shipping costs vary depending on the destination where the order is to be delivered. However, we charge a flat rate, nevertheless of how many items you buy. For sales outside the European Union, you are solely responsible for all extra delivery charges, duties, taxes, fees, and any other charges or fees that may be incurred by importing products into your country. You should call your local customs office for more information on potential taxes, duties, charges, and fees before you place your order.


Shipping cost

Delivery times

Flat rate within Spain

3,95 €

3 - 5 workdays

Flat rate within the European Union, including Switzerland and Norway

6,90 €

5 - 15 workdays

Express Delivery with an express courrier within the European Union. Not for all countries is the Express delivery service available. The cost will be between 14,95 Euro or 16,95 Euro, depending on the destination. 14,95 2 - 4 workdays

Flat rate - all other countries

9,50 €

10 - 30 workdays