• Mens Bracelets

    Exceptional designer Jewellery for men

    Our exclusive men's line comes with great, modern essentials that feature superior designs and qualitative details. We carry designer mens jewellery brands such as UNO de 50 jewellery, ByG jewellery, Coolskin and XXL Hardwear jewelry for men.

  • XXL Bracelets


    Armbando's unique jewellery for men features one of a kind and handmade designed jewels. Our men's jewellery is not the typical you will find in any other jewellery store. Distinctive crafts in form of men's bracelets, statement necklaces, silver chains, men's cuff bracelets and biker rings underline the owners personality and style.

  • Mens Bracelets

    Masculine and unique Jewellery

    Creativity and originality is the credo for the UNO de 50 brand. 

    Check out our great jewellery selection for men:

    from biker rings to panzer bracelets, necklaces and watches.

    As one knows, the details are making the difference.

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  • Shipping and Delivery information

    The delivery will be dispatched one day after the order, if you placed your order before 8 pm (Central european time). As a delivery courier we use the postal service. All packages are being sent as a ceritfied mail with prove of delivery. It is in our interest that you receive the package as quick as possible.

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    If you have any doubt, call us or send us a mail: info@armbando.com

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Exceptional must-have

jewellery for men

We strive to be your online address for cool men's jewellery. Our distinctive jewelry lines gives men a personal fashion statement that is uniquely their own and reflects their individual personality.

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to serve you.